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It's Time to
Chip In.

The world’s top chipmaker needs to do better for the planet now.

TSMC's Say-Do Gap
Giant chipmaker TSMC made big climate promises.
But it’s falling far short and becoming a major roadblock to preventing the climate disaster.

TSMC's climate promise, as mentioned by Y.H. Liaw, Vice President, Operations/Fab Operations II:

“TSMC is resolute in maintaining our commitment to strengthening environmental protection.”

Despite its promises and being the first semiconductor company to join RE100, TSMC is now lagging behind its own customers and major competitors.

TSMC is polluter.png

Energy guzzler TSMC is the second hungriest tech power consumer globally.

TSMC’s massive emissions output is growing fast. Between 2019 to 2021, emissions increased 17.5%, with a peak estimated in 2025

According to Bloomberg, TSMC’s electricity consumption is projected to consume over 12% of Taiwan’s energy.

Yet renewable energy makes up only 9% of TSMC’s power consumption.

Is TSMC Leader or Laggard?
Greenpeace Report light grey.png

According to a report by Greenpeace and “All consumer electronics brands, including their suppliers, must achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030.”

TSMC is the global leader in the semiconductor foundry market. Yet it is falling behind on climate action compared to its competitor.








100% RE Commitment Timeline






TSMC's Customers in Jeopardy

TSMC is a major roadblock preventing tech companies including Apple from reaching their net-zero promises.

Worse, TSMC is taking on operational risks to its customers by not acting on Taiwan’s impending energy crisis.

Taiwan Deputy Economics Minister Tseng Wen-sheng points the finger at the manufacturing sector:

 “The manufacturing sector should actively invest in the development of renewable energy; there is no reason to hesitate.”

president Mark Liu.png

But TSMC Chairman Mark Liu called on the government to solve the issue:

"... I want the government to solve it. It is too late to have enough electricity next year, but we need to care about whether there will be enough electricity in five years' time."

TSMC is massive polluter.png
TSMC admits there is a looming renewable energy hurdle, but plans to commit to only indirect support.
vice president Lara Ho.png

TSMC Vice President Lora Ho said:

“The renewable energy in Taiwan is not enough, and TSMC has no plan to build renewable energy plants by itself. But I believe that TSMC's long-term commitment to purchase green power can drive Taiwan's renewable energy industry…”

TSMC has bought almost all available renewable energy in Taiwan, but it only made up 9% of their total power consumption in 2021.
To reach its net-zero target,
TSMC needs to invest actively and directly in renewable energy development.
Take Action

It's time to chip in. 

For real impact, TSMC needs to make significant changes to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy today.
Here's how.


As a market leader, TSMC must achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030.


TSMC should actively and directly address challenges for renewable energy development.


Despite obstacles, other companies have found creative solutions to their problems. For example, due to lack of space, Apple in Singapore built more rooftop solar, while Google invested in geothermal energy. TSMC can do the same.

tsmc should build green plant.png


News, reports, and the latest top stories on TSMC’s climate actions—or lack thereof.


Tainan Power Plant for TSMC Fab Leads to Controversy From Local Residents

New Bloom (5 February 2023)

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